Honda Outstanding Student Paper Award

Student presenters were encouraged to enter the Honda Outstanding Student Paper Award program. This award provides a certificate and cash reward to the student who conducts outstanding research accepted for presentation at Driving Assessment 2017.


David Anderson (runner up), Ja Young Lee (first), Timothy Dick (Honda), and Danielle Filio (runner up)

2017 Student Award Winner - 1st Place

Modeling the Effect of Subtask Boundaries on Driver Glance Behavior (59)
Ja Young Lee, John D. Lee (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

2017 Student Award Winner - Runners-Up

A New Method for Estimating Effects of Visual Field Loss in a Panoramic Driving Environment (3)
David E. Anderson, Deepta A. Ghate, Sachin Kedar, Matthew Rizzo (University of Nebraska Medical Center) 

Comparison of Wrap Around Screens and HMDs on a Driver’s Response to an Unexpected Pedestrian Crossing Using Simulator Vehicle Parameters (27)
Danielle Filio, Lynn Dony, Diego Gonzalez, Michele Oliver (University of Guelph – Canada)