Honda Outstanding Student Paper Award

Student presenters were encouraged to enter the Honda Outstanding Student Paper Award program. This award provides a certificate and cash reward to the student who conducts outstanding research accepted for presentation at Driving Assessment 2013.

Student Award Winners for 2013:

Alexandra S. Mueller
Effect of Driving Experience on Change Detection Based on Target Relevance and Size (53) 
Alexandra S. Mueller (Western University – Canada), Lana M. Trick (University of Guelph – Canada)



Kuan-Hua Chen
Choking Under Pressure in Older Drivers (66)

Kuan-Hua Chen, Steven W. Anderson, Michelle L. Rusch, Nazan S. Aksan, Jeffrey D. Dawson, Matthew Rizzo (University of Iowa)



Russell S. Pierce
3D Spatial Attention Effects are Independent of Projected 2D Size and Location for Older and Younger Drivers (69) 

Russell S. Pierce, George J. Andersen (University of California, Riverside)