Honda Outstanding Student Paper Award

Student presenters were encouraged to enter the Honda Outstanding Student Paper Award program. This award provides a certificate and cash reward to the student who conducts outstanding research accepted for presentation at Driving Assessment 2005.

Student Award Winner for 2005:

Bobbie D. Seppelt
Driver Distraction and Reliance: Adaptive Cruise Control in the Context of Sensor Reliability and Algorithm Limits (33) 

Bobbie D. Seppelt, Monica N. Lees, John D. Lee (University of Iowa)

Honorable Mentions:

Amit Paul
Steering Entropy Changes as a Function of Microsleeps (65) 

Amit Paul, Linda Ng Boyle (University of Iowa), Erwin R. Boer (LUEBEC), Jon Tippin, Matthew Rizzo (University of Iowa)

Matthew R.E. Romoser
The Use of a Driving Simulator to Assess Senior Driver Performance: Increasing Situational Awareness Through Post-Drive One-on-One Advisement (67)
Matthew R.E. Romoser, Donald L. Fisher (University of Massachusetts, Amherst), Ronald Mourant (Northeastern University), Jerry Wachtel (The Veridian Group, Inc.), Konstantin Sizov (Drive Square LLC.)