A Honda Student Session was held virtually on the Gather platform on Friday, July 23, 2021. Students each gave a brief presentation and shared a poster or slide deck of their research. They were also given dedicated networking time for attendees to connect with students and colleagues.

Congratulations to the Honda Student Award winners!

Three winners were given cash prizes for their research presentations. 

Winning Abstract: 

Linda Pipkorn, Chalmers University of Technology, "Driver visual attention before and after take-over requests in conditional automation: a public road study"


Erika Ziraldo, University of Guelph, "Vehicle Control and Driver Workload During Simulated Driving: Can Cue Substitution Compensate for Lower Simulator Feature Fidelity?"

Katelyn Schwieters, University of Minnesota, “Exploring Gender Differences in the Perception of Levels of Automation and Comfort with Autonomous Vehicles