DA2019 Honda Outstanding Student Paper Award Winners

There were 28 accepted DA2019 student papers applying for the DA2019 Honda Outstanding Student Paper Award. After being peer-reviewed by three paper reviewers, we narrowed the candidates to the top six rated papers. Those top six student papers and the student’s application letter were sent to eight reviewers for them to select their top three paper choices in order (first, second, third). Then this was communicated with American Honda Motor Co., Inc., who had the final approval. Here are the three student award winners:

First: Using Markovian Chains to Understand the Sequence of Drivers' Gaze Transitions During Lane-Changes in Automated Driving (34) 
Rafael Gonçalves, (University of Leeds – UNITED KINGDOM 

Honorable Mention: The Effect of a Concussion on the Hazard Anticipation Ability in Teen Drivers (30) 
Atefeh Katrahmani, (Western New England University) 

Honorable Mention: Can Virtual Reality Headsets be Used to Measure Accurately Drivers’ Anticipatory Behaviors? (53) 
Ganesh Pai Mangalore, (University of Massachusetts Amherst)

These award winners were recognized at the DA2019 Honda Outstanding Student Paper Award luncheon, Tuesday, June 25, 2019.

Left to right: Matt Rizzo (University of NE Medical Center), John D. Lee (University of WI-Madison), Doug Longhitano (American Honda), Atefeh Katrahmani (Western New England University), Rafael Gonçalves (University of Leeds – UK), Ganesh Pai Mangalore (University of MA-Amherst), Dan McGehee (University of IA), and Linda Boyle (University of WA)