Honda Student Session

Friday, July 23, 2021
3 p.m. GMT (11 a.m. ET)


Congratulations to the Honda Student Award winners!

Winning Abstract: 


Student Presentations (3-4 pm GMT):

The next generation of transportation professionals and scholars will share hybrid presentations and posters of their research. There will be dedicated networking time for attendees to connect with students and colleagues.

Presentations in Keynote room on Gather
Each student will provide a three-minute presentation of their research.
Honda Awards announced after all presentations
Best overall paper will receive $500. Two honorable mentions will receive $250.
Presentation order below

Student Posters and Networking (4-5 pm GMT):
Posters in Poster room on Gather
Each student will stand by their hybrid poster during a half-hour session.
Attendees can interact with students and colleagues throughout the Gather conference space.
Poster locations and times are below.

Order/Poster #



Project/Poster title

Poster Time


Emily Shull

University of Iowa

Using Human-Machine Interfaces to Convey Feedback in Automated Driving

4-4:30 pm GMT


Fiona Guerin

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Combining visualization and machine learning methods to infer driver behavior in low-speed parking maneuvers

4:30-5 pm GMT


Brooklin Caren

University of Guelph

Relationship between Visual Search and Driver Response Time for Abrupt and Gradual Onset Left Turn Hazards

4-4:30 pm GMT


Erika Ziraldo

University of Guelph

Vehicle Control and Driver Workload During Simulated Driving: Can Cue Substitution Compensate for Lower Simulator Feature Fidelity?

4:30-5 pm GMT


Linda Pipkorn

Chalmers University of Technology

Drivers glance behavior before and after take-over requests in conditional automation on public roads

4-4:30 pm GMT


Yovela Murzello

University of Waterloo

Age Differences in the Situation Awareness and Takeover Performance in a Semi-Autonomous Vehicle Simulator

4:30-5 pm GMT


Vishnu Radhakrishnan

University of Leeds

A psychophysiological insight into driver workload during highly automated driving

4-4:30 pm GMT


Stanislaw Kolek

Central Michigan University

Effects of Training Psychomotor and Attentional Multi-task Abilities in Novice Drivers on a Hazard-Anticipation Driving Simulator Course: A Computer-Based Training Validation Study

4:30-5 pm GMT


Chen Peng

University of Leeds

A comparison of two methodologies for subjective evaluation of comfort in automated vehicles

4-4:30 pm GMT


Rafael Cirino Gonçalves

University of Leeds | Institute for Transport Studies

Allocation of Visual Attention during Transition from Vehicle Automation

4:30-5 pm GMT


Apoorva Hungund

University of Massachusetts, Amherst

ADAS, ADS, and Distraction: A Systematic Review

4-4:30 pm GMT


Eileen Herbers

Virginia Tech

Impacts of Connected Vehicle Technology on Automated Vehicle Safety

4:30-5 pm GMT


David Grethlein

Drexel University

Predicting On-Road Exam Outcomes by Comparing Individual Driver Performance to Prototypical Driving Simulator Performances

4-4:30 pm GMT


Katelyn Schwieters

University of Minnesota

Exploring Gender Differences in the Perception of Levels of Automation and Comfort with

4:30-5 pm GMT


Thomas Burt

University of Iowa

Variability of Vehicle Control Among Adult Cannabis Users

4-4:30 pm GMT

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