2005 Honda Outstanding Student Award


Student presenters were encouraged to enter the Honda Outstanding Student Paper Award program.

This award provides a certificate and cash reward to the student who conducts outstanding research accepted for presentation at Driving Assessment 2005.

Student Award Winners for 2005:

Driver Distraction and Reliance: Adaptive Cruise Control in the Context of Sensor Reliability and Algorithm Limits (33) Bobbie D. Seppelt, Monica N. Lees, John D. Lee (University of Iowa)

Honorable Mention

Steering Entropy Changes as a Function of Microsleeps (65) Amit Paul, Linda Ng Boyle (University of Iowa), Erwin R. Boer (LUEBEC), Jon Tippin, Matthew Rizzo (University of Iowa)

The Use of a Driving Simulator to Assess Senior Driver Performance: Increasing Situational Awareness Through Post-Drive One-on-One Advisement (67) Matthew R.E. Romoser, Donald L. Fisher (University of Massachusetts, Amherst), Ronald Mourant (Northeastern University), Jerry Wachtel (The Veridian Group, Inc.), Konstantin Sizov (Drive Square LLC.)