2003 Proceedings

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Keynote Speaker - Karel Brookhuis

(01) On the Assessment of Criteria for Driver Impairment;In Search of the Golden Yardstick for Driving Performance Karel Brookhuis, Dick de Waard (University of Groningen --- The Netherlands)

Final Paper


Session 1 - Lectures - (Distraction and Workload)
(02) Multiple Resource Modeling of Task Interference in Vehicle Control, Hazard Awareness and In-vehicle Task Performance William J. Horrey, Christopher D. Wickens (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign -- USA)
(03) Loading Drivers to their Limit: The Effect of Increasing Secondary Task on Driving Natasha Merat (University of Leeds -- UK)
(04) Mental Workload as a Function of Traffic Density: Comparison of Physiological, Behavioral, and Subjective Indices Carryl L. Baldwin, Joseph T. Coyne (Old Dominion University -- USA)
(05) Fatal Distraction? A Comparison of the Cell-phone Driver and the Drunk Driver David L. Strayer, Frank A. Drews, Dennis J. Crouch (University of Utah -- USA)

Session 2 - Lectures - (Aging and Cognition)
(06) Driver Navigation and Safety Errors in Alzheimer's Disease and Stroke Ergun Y. Uc, Jennifer L. Smothers, Qian Shi, Matthew Rizzo (University of Iowa -- USA)

(07) Older and Younger Driver Performance at Complex Intersections: Implications for Using Perception-Response Time and Driving Simulation C.J. Edwards, J.I. Creaser, J.K. Caird, A.M. Lamsdale, S.L. Chisholm (University of Calgary -- Canada)

(08) Can High-risk Older Drivers be Identified in a DMV Setting with a Brief Battery of Functional Tests? Karlene Ball (University of Alabama at Birmingham --USA), Daniel Roenker (Western Kentucky University -- USA), Gerald McGwin, Jr., Virginia Wadley, Jeff Edwards (University of Alabama at Birmingham -- USA), R. Raleigh (Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration -- USA)
(09) An Abstract Virtual Environment Tool to Assess Decision-Making Impaired Drivers Matthew Rizzo (University of Iowa -- USA), Joan Severson, James Cremer, Kerri Price (Digital Artefacts, LLC -- USA)

Session 3 - Posters
(10) Visual Attention in Stroke Patients Returning to Driving Matthew I. Tofield, John P. Wann (University of Reading -- UK)
(11) Effects of Cell Phone Conversation Difficulty on Driving Performance Mick Rakauskas (University of Minnesota -- USA), Leo Gugerty (Clemson University -- USA)
(12) Commuter Behavioral Model for the Pilot Program of an Electronic Toll System on Korea Express Highways Kyungwoo Kang (Hanyang University -- Korea)
(13) In-Vehicle Navigation Systems: Interface Characteristics and Industry Trends Robert E. Llaneras, Jeremiah P. Singer (Westat -- USA)
(14) Truck Driver Training Using Simulation in England Andrew M. Parkes ((TRL Limited (Transport Research Laboratory) -- UK)
(15) Effects of Cognitive Tasks on Drivers' Eye Behavior and Performance Xianjun Sam Zheng, Yu-chi Tai, George W. McConkie (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign -- USA)
(16) Reliability of a Road Test After Stroke Abiodun Emmanuel Akinwuntan, Willy De Weerdt, Hilde Feys (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven -- Belgium), Guido Baten, Patricia Arno (CARA, Belgian Road Safety Institute -- Belgium), Carlotte Kiekens (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven -- Belgium)
(17) Evaluating Workload Associated with Telematic Devices via a Secondary Task Protocol Mustapha Mouloua, Edward Rinalducci, Peter A. Hancock, J. Christopher Brill (University of Central Florida -- USA)
(18) Driver Preference of Collision Warning Strategy and Modality Josh Hoffman, John D. Lee (University of Iowa -- USA), , Elizabeth M. Hayes (Daimler Chrysler -- USA)
(19) Naturalistic Driving: User and Task Analysis P. Ward, P.A. Hancock, H.C. Neil Ganey, J.L. Szalma (University of Central Florida -- USA)
(21) Role of a Driver Cognition Model in the Design of an Anti-collision Warning System P. C. Cacciabue, M. Martinetto (European Commission, Joint Research Centre -- Italy), L. Andreone, F. Tango (Centro Ricerche Fiat -- Italy), A. Amditis, A. Polychronopoulos (Institute of Communications and Computer Systems -- Greece), D. Kempf, H. Widlroither (Fraunhofer IAO -- Germany)
(22) Steering a Driving Simulator Using the Queueing Network-Model Human Processor (QN-MHP) Omer Tsimhoni, Yili Liu (University of Michigan -- USA)
(23) A Systemic Model for Driver-in-Control Erik Hollnagel (University of Linköping -- Sweden), Arne Nåbo (Saab Automobile AB -- Sweden), Ian V. Lau (General Motors Corporation -- USA)
(24) Traffic Entry Judgments by Aging Drivers Nicole Skaar, Matthew Rizzo, Laura Stierman (University of Iowa -- USA)

Session 4 -Lectures  - (Driving Performance Assessment)
(25) The Dimensions of Driver Performance during Secondary Manual Tasks Richard A. Young, Linda S. Angell (General Motors Corporation -- USA)
(26) Time-Sharing of a Visual In-Vehicle Task While Driving: The Effects of Four Key Constructs Omer Tsimhoni, Paul Green (University of Michigan -- USA)
(27) Event-Based Driver Performance Assessment Erwin R. Boer (Erwin R. Boer Consulting -- USA) Nicholas J. Ward (University of Minnesota -- USA)
(28) The Evolution of Autonomic Space as a Method of Mental Workload Assessment for Driving John K. Lenneman (General Motors Corporation -- USA), Richard W. Backs (Central Michigan University -- USA)

Session 5 - Lectures - (Driver Fatigue and Impairment)
(29) Microsleep Episodes, Attention Lapses and Circadian Variation in Psychomotor Performance in a Driving Simulation Paradigm Henry J. Moller, Leonid Kayumov, Colin M. Shapiro (University of Toronto -- Canada)
(30) Driver Fatigue: Is Something Missing? J. Christopher Brill, Peter A. Hancock, Richard D. Gilson (University of Central Florida -- USA)
(31) The Effects of Fatigue on Driver Performance for Single and Team Long-Haul Truck Drivers Sheila G. Klauer, Thomas A. Dingus, Vicki L. Neale (Virginia Tech Transportation Institute -- USA), Robert C. Carroll (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration -- USA)
(32) Automobile Driving with Severe Amnesia Nicole Skaar, Steven W. Anderson, Jeffrey Dawson, Matthew Rizzo (University of Iowa -- USA)

Session 6 - Lectures - (Visual Performance and Driving)
(33) Driver Behavior as a Function of Ambient Light and Road Geometry Michael J. Flannagan, John M. Sullivan, Scott E. Bogard (University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute -- USA)
(34) Effects of a Night Vision Enhancement System (NVES) on Driving: Results from a Simulator Study Erik Hollnagel (University of Linköping -- Sweden), Jan-Erik Källhammer (Autoliv Research -- Sweden)
(35) Car Following by Optical Parameters Craig W. Sauer, George J. Andersen, Asad Saidpour (University of California, Riverside -- USA)
(36) Reducing Crash Risk in Visually-Impaired Older Drivers: Medical-Surgical versus Educational Interventions Gerald McGwin Jr., Cynthia Owsley (University of Alabama at Birmingham -- USA)

Session 7 - Posters
(37) Novice Driver Training Results and Experience with a PC Based Simulator R. Wade Allen, George Park, Marcia Cook, Theodore J. Rosenthal (Systems Technology, Inc. -- USA), Dary Fiorentino (Southern California Research Institute -- USA), Erik Viirre (University of California at San Diego -- USA)
(38) Assessing Spare Attentional Capacity of Drowsy Drivers: Protocol Development J. Christopher Brill, Mustapha Mouloua, Peter A. Hancock, Richard D. Gilson (University of Central Florida -- USA), Robert S. Kennedy (RSK Assessments, Inc. -- USA)
(39) Influences of Knowledge on Behavior in Automobiles S. David Leonard (University of Georgia -- USA)
(40) Traffic Scene Related Change Blindness in Older Drivers Sarah Batchelder, Matthew Rizzo (University of Iowa -- USA), Rick Vanderleest (Digital Artefacts, LLC -- USA), Shaun Vecera (University of Iowa -- USA)
(41) Aggressive Driving is a Major Cause of Traffic Accidents and Road Rage in Jordan Mohd R. Suliman, Wa'el H. Awad (Al-Balqa' Applied University -- Jordan)
(42) Inattentional Blindness While Driving Chip Wood (Motorola Labs -- USA), Rob Gray, Jennifer Young (Arizona State University East -- USA), John Summers, Kari Torkkola, Noel Massey (Motorola Labs -- USA)
(43) Simulator Training Improves Driver Efficiency: Transfer from the Simulator to the Real World David L. Strayer, Frank A. Drews (University of Utah -- USA)
(44) On the Fast Lane to Road Rage Frank A. Drews, David L. Strayer, Bert N. Uchino, Timothy W. Smith (University of Utah -- USA)
(45) Test-Retest Reliability of Standard Deviation of Lane Position as Assessed on a PC-Based Driving Simulator Thomas D. Marcotte, Erica Roberts (University of California, San Diego -- USA), Theodore Rosenthal (Systems Technology, Inc. -- USA), Robert Heaton, Heather Bentley, Igor Grant (University of California, San Diego -- USA)
(46) Demographic and Driving Performance Factors in Simulator Adaptation Syndrome Matthew Rizzo, Rebecca A. Sheffield, Laura Stierman, Jeffrey Dawson (University of Iowa -- USA)
(47) Simulation Methods for Assessing Driving on Roads with Curves John A. Molino (Science Applications International Corporation -- USA), Duoduo Liao, John M. Wink, Jason R. Williams (AAI Engineering Support, Inc.), Kenneth S. Opiela, M. Joseph Moyer (Federal Highway Administration -- USA)
(49) An Examination of the Efficacy of a Brief Educational Program on Driver Distraction Arthur Kramer, Jason S. McCarley (University of Illinois -- USA), Scott Geisler (General Motors Corporation -- USA)
(50) Did You See That? A Study of Change Blindness Tara Smyser, John D. Lee, Joshua Hoffman, Robert Betts (University of Iowa -- USA)
(51) A Comparison of Traffic Sign Comprehension Using Static, Dynamic and Interactive Media Susan T. Chrysler, James Wright, Alicia Williams (Texas Transportation Institute -- USA)

Session 8 - Lectures - (Collision Avoidance)
(52) The Effects of Lead-Vehicle Size on Driver Following Behavior: Is Ignorance Truly Bliss? James R. Sayer, Mary Lynn Mefford (University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute -- USA), Ritchie W. Huang (Honda R&D Americas, Inc. -- USA)
(53) Stimulus-Response Compatibilitiy Effects for Warning Signals and Steering Responses Dong-Yuan Debbie Wang, Robert W. Proctor (Purdue University -- USA), David F. Pick (Purdue University Calumet -- USA)
(54) Drivers' Perception of and Response to Brake Failure Hamish Jamson, Paul Smith (University of Leeds -- UK)
(55) Risk of Fatal Rear-End Collisions: Is There More to It Than Attention? John Sullivan, Michael J. Flannagan (University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute -- USA)

Session 9 - Lectures - (Driver Characteristics and Behavior)
(56) Driver Psychological Types and Car Following: Is there a Correlation? Results of a Pilot Study Mark Brackstone (University of Southampton -- UK)
(57) The Relationship Between Collision History and a Computerized Assessment of Visual and Cognitive Skills in a Sample of School Bus Drivers Kenneth C. Mills  (Profile Associates -- USA), Robert C. Hubal, Brent T. Ward (RTI International -- USA)
(58) Societal Violence, Driver Age, and Attained Education: Independent Contributions to Road Accidents? Michael Sivak (University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute -- USA)
(59) A Simulation Study of Path and Speed Through Double-Lane Roundabouts Gregory W. Davis (FHWA Office of Safety, RD & T -- USA), Vaughan W. Inman, Ted Shafer, Bryan J. Katz (SAIC Transportation Research Division -- USA)